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Our unique client-focused approach allows us to take the stress out of the multi-faceted preparation and organization process while ensuring your expectations are exceeded.


We are experts at maximizing the potential of your space in a way that reflects your style and honors your budget. Our firm is the perfect size to be able to handle all aspects of your project with that personal touch from start to finish.  We deliver that one-on-one experience.


For the past fifteen years, the House Coach Team has transformed over 250 homes in the Toronto area. Whether decorating a single room, designing a complete renovation or selecting the perfect finishes for your new build, House Coach will ensure that your home will be unique, customized and completely transformed into the warm and inviting residence you’ll cherish for many years to follow.


Our ultimate mission? Using our love of design we provide our clients with; HOPE, in knowing their dreams will come true and BALANCE, by transforming chaos into calm.



Kim Ostergaard

Designer & Creative Director

As a young girl, I was inspired by my mom - an incredible woman with a creative eye and a penchant for rearranging and redecorating our house several times a year. And I often wondered why. 


Later in life I learned that she simply loved the way she could creatively transform our home with what we had on hand and that it thrilled her to see her family so happy by it all. It was then that I finally understood - My passion for decorating and design was inherited from my mother! 


My career, however, started out in event planning and for over 25 years I created and executed multiple projects from start to finish. From inception to delivery, I took our clients’ visions and transformed them into reality. Teams of suppliers were brought together, relationships were built and budgets were adhered to. I loved it all! 


Then one day, a dear colleague enlightened me with a thought that led me on a beautiful new voyage.  He said, 


"You have such an amazing rare gift…your ability to listen and visualize beyond the client's vision is incredible. You love to design for others and you have a holistic warm approach when talking with people.  You have such a gift in transforming their lives.  It’s time to start designing what you want your life and career to be just as you would for them!"  


That got me thinking. He was right.  Life is a journey. As we explore various avenues, the growth in experience and development of our talents is a gift that eventually guides us down the perfect path. I often reflect on those days of evolution in becoming a self-educated designer and am grateful for the privilege of making such a positive difference in my clients’ lives.

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Sydney Scuralli

Design Stylist

We are thrilled to have Sydney as part of our design team. 


After several years of travelling abroad and exploring the different coasts of many continents, she brings a fresh perspective on decorating and an overall zest for new design concepts.


Sydney believes that design is more than an aesthetic. It is about the energy of a space and its simplicity in expression. A considerable contribution to our happiness. She believes that design has a significant impact on our emotional wellbeing, 


In planning and designing a space for a client to live in (or even to sell), we consider the aspects that reflect their perspectives on life to ultimately enhance their design goals.


Sydney has studied and admired various styles of design and cultures throughout her travels which she now incorporates in her approach everyday thus allowing her to express this knowledge and experience in each design project.

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